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Being your own boss has its huge rewards. However, it comes at a price – there are challenges, frustrations and stresses that’s unique to running your own business that those who have never been their own boss, or those who have only ever worked for large corporations, will ever understand.

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The focus here is helping the small independent business owners navigate their way through the every changing face of business. Business will never be the same again post the global pandemic. Many have closed. Many are not even making enough to pay their business rent. Many are just barely surviving. No one escaped. How then can we build our business as we deal with the challenges that we never had to face before?

Most of the articles have all been written specifically to answer questions that I have been asked (although I do sometimes deviate with some fun stuff for a change!) They are not for those looking to be entertained by the short 2 minute instant fix videos.  They are for those who are hungry for practical business tips and advice that works.

This publication is NOT for you if you operate a large company (public or private) with a budget for a large support team of lawyers, accountants, managers, etc. Big tech companies and large corporations tend to steal the spotlight and there are already plenty of publications that serve them. This publication is strictly focused on the small independent business owners who have been largely ignored because media believe there is no money in writing for the small business. Yet, it is the small independent businesses that are the backbone of virtually every economy.

Qualifications and Experience DO Matter

My entire 40 years working life has been spent working mainly with small independent businesses - either as a professional advisor helping my clients or starting and running my own businesses. Having said that, I have worked with public companies and helped some of my clients go public with their business. However, I find little joy and satisfaction in spending the working day doing nothing but compliance to keep the corporate and tax legislators happy. There is no joy in playing office politics. There is, however, great reward is watching my clients grow their business and achieve their dreams.

My business and financial background (having qualified as a Chartered Accountant), together with my entrepreneurial spirit enables me to apply a potent blend of strong financial and accounting expertise, deep practical business experience, and entrepreneurial flair and creativity to complex business problems. As an entrepreneur, I understand the issues that an entrepreneur faces. So, unlike some accountants who only know the theory of business, I have had hands-on experience of what it means to be IN business, to start a business, to grow a business, and most of all, to manage a business when times get tough ... and post pandemic, it's about to get real tough.

My experience has given me a keen understanding of the complex issues facing small independent business owners today. You do not have access to large legal, accounting or I.T teams to attend to all the compliance work that has to be done. In fact, many do not even have a team! You have to be across the board on all business issues - marketing, bookkeeping, HR compliance, tax compliance, etc.

What Others Say

Below are what just two of my clients say …

"Patsy is one of those rare breed that combines the skills and knowledge of an accountant and the creativity of a marketing expert. Being able to call on Patsy to bounce ideas off her and getting her viewpoint has been the key to the growth in my own business. If you are looking for someone to take on the role of a thinking partner for your business or you’re looking for a mentor or part time CFO for your business you must give Patsy a call. You will not regret it … I haven’t. I have no doubt that without Patsy’s input and mentorship, Loan Hunter Australia would not have existed today." ~ Sam Yoong, Managing Director of Loan Hunter Australia Pty Ltd

"Patsy is a results focused, lateral thinker, extremely well read and always has a pragmatic and commonsense approach to challenges. Such passion and breadth of experience is seldom found all rolled into one single person with such a strong background in financial, marketing and business experience ...I’ve learnt to trust her judgment and wisdom." ~ Nancy McKinnon, Managing Director of WA Pine Shavings.

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In today's global post pandemic changing economy, you cannot just sit, wait and pray for the tide to turn. You MUST be proactive to grow your business so that you do not become yet another bankruptcy statistic.

If you don't DRIVE your business, you will be DRIVEN out of business. Join me here for business conversations that matter.

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As a small independent business owner, you face challenges, frustrations and stresses that those who have never ever run their own business will ever understand. Join me for business conversations that will matter to you.


Patsy Lim

Entrepreneur with over 40+ years in business. Chartered Accountant. Certified Maxwell Leadership & John Wooden Leadership Coach. DISC Consultant. Experience and qualifications matter. For more information: www.PatsyLim.com